I just spent a week driving the Irish west coast. This video is exactly what it feels like to drive there. That's a two-way road, and the speed limits are 80-100 kph. It's the most fun I've had driving anywhere, ever. And I wasn't even speeding. » 10/17/14 3:55pm Friday 3:55pm

I was returning from Ireland yesterday and the flight attendant come over the PA asking for any doctors on board to ring their call buttons. You should have SEEN all the people reach up and shut off their air vents. Some were shutting off all the vents in their row (of their neighboring passengers). » 10/15/14 5:34pm 10/15/14 5:34pm

One wonders what the implications are for driving in the snow... Presumably the car will only do this 'lock the outside front wheel' trick in the face of G forces that could lead to rollover, and will maximumize ABS modulation to keep that wheel turning at lower G forces. » 10/15/14 8:39am 10/15/14 8:39am